Martijn Boskamp | Graphic Designer

Gui Boratto

Vinyl design | 2017

Guilherme Boratto (born 1974 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian electronic music producer. In the 1990s, he was a member of Sect. His debut solo album Chromophobia was awarded the title of Mixmag Album of the Month.

Regarding why he chose the name Chromophobia, Boratto said: "The same meaning as monochromatism in architecture, which means simplicity. That’s all. I don’t have a morbid fear of colors at all. But also, I was ironic. My music is really colorful."

The Vinyl cover is a visual translation of the album's title track, "Take my breath away". The cover consists of 784 beats. Each beat has 1 or more sounds and each of these sounds has its own shape and color.